Science Museum London

June 2019

The Science Museum shop expansion project was part of the museum’s ongoing Masterplan programme.

We were appointed lead designer and lead consultant for this major renovation, collaborating with Dmitri Martin Associates to achieve the ambitious architectural interventions within the space. Stripping back to the original structure of the energy hall has opened up the views across the museum. With the newly extended double-height space, retail has significant presence at the entrance of the museum.

The new shop is a flexible, playful space that supports the curated product ranges, which are inspired by the museum’s collections. Part of the aim was to increase footfall, dwell, and spend in an exciting, tactile space – reflective of the Museum’s evolving identity.

The shop’s two levels each form a backdrop for different product ranges. The ground floor space is more vibrant and playful. It houses the Science Museum’s core product. On the new mezzanine level, we have established a calmer, more sophisticated ambience targeted to an older audience.

We have designed a suite of playful, flexible display units, in vibrant colours, as a core element of the new retail environment. This versatility allows the product, and the look of the shop, to be continually refreshed.