April 2022

Clifford’s Tower is about access for all. 

We were appointed by English Heritage to design the interpretation for Clifford’s Tower, working closely with Hugh Broughton Architects on their architectural interventions that have opened up rarely seen areas of the tower to visitors for the first time. We wanted to ensure that the experience of visiting the tower, which is not accessible, was as engaging and fascinating on ground level as it is at the top of the tower.

We developed a layered approach to interpretation, with cast concrete lecterns that house tactile maps, graphic panels, embedded icons and audio guiding the journey. We also developed a bespoke cast-bronze timeline of the tower that circles the motte at ground level. We wanted to ensure equity across the delivery of information for all visitors, as well as fostering a sense of excitement for those who did go on to climb up to the tower and experience it in person. 

We worked with Gobbledegook Theatre to create a character-based narrative soundscape, and The Projection Studio to create an atmospheric, period-authentic soundscape. The two work in tandem to convey a changing sense of the tower as it would have existed and been used across the centuries.