The Science Museum Shop

We are excited to announce that the shop at the Science Museum has reopened to the general public after a major renovation. We were appointed lead consultant and lead designer by the Science Museum in 2018.
The extended space has been completely reconfigured, including the new mezzanine level. We collaborated with Dmitri Martin Associates to achieve this ambitious architectural intervention. Each space retains a distinctive look and feel to accommodate the different product ranges and this includes an exciting collaborations including product ranges with Darkroom and Amazon Launchpad.
On the mezzanine, we have implemented a single colour geometric floor design. Combined with the ply and neutral grey tones of the display units, this creates a calmer, more sophisticated ambience, targeted to an older audience. Downstairs, we have used colour dynamically to delineate different areas of the space. This area will be a vibrant showpiece for the museum’s core product ranges. A suite of playful, flexible and mobile display elements, accented with vibrant pops of colour, will give the museum countless possibilities for product display.
This new retail environment encourages visitors to browse extensively, and take paths through the space that have been designed to allow for intuitive navigation and ample space to pause and engage.